Putin stated we will absolutely take retribution if Ukraine attacked Russia’s sea bridge with drones

After the Ukrainian attack on the bridge between Crimea and Moscow, which killed two citizens and hurt their child, President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that we will definitely respond.

The Russian army has made a big claim about the attack on the sea bridge that connects Russia to Crimea. Russia says that Ukraine used a drone to hit this bridge. After this, Russia stopped all movement of cars right away. But in just 24 hours, it was back up and running. But the bridge hasn’t been opened to big trucks yet. Says the Russian government

“Last night, there was another terrorist attack on the bridge,” Vladimir Putin said in a live speech

Ukraine attacked Russia

A day after the attack, part of the bridge between Russia and Crimea has reopened. A government worker shared the video to say that one lane of the bridge over the Kerch Strait is now open to cars. Also, Russia has ended the deal it had with Ukraine to ship grain. Putin, who is the leader of Russia, has also promised to get even for the attack.

Ukraine’s breath is already getting tighter because of Putin’s anger and revenge. Ukraine knows for sure that Russia will start a big attack to get back at them. Let us tell you that the enemy Ukraine attacked this 19-kilometer-long sea bridge just yesterday. During the attack, two people who were on vacation died, and their daughter was also hurt.

Russia has said that the attack on this sea bridge was done by Ukraine. Russia says that Ukraine used a naval drone to aim at this bridge. After this, Russia was so angry that it didn’t want to keep the deal to ship grain from Ukrainian ports. Even though Russia hasn’t agreed to this punishment.

Russia said that he is a Ukrainian terrorist

Ukraine attacked Russia

After the attack on the Crimean bridge, Russia canceled a deal to ship grain. This sent shock waves all over the world. This could make a lot of countries have trouble getting enough food. Russia told Ukraine that it was like a terrorist for it to attack the bridge in Crimea. Because it is a key way for people to get from Russia to Crimea.

And all cars move from here. The Russian Ministry of Transport says that the attack did not damage the bridge’s support, but it did break the bridge. Light cars can now use the one lane that is open. Repairs are being made to other broken parts.

Putin says he will get back at Ukraine

People say that this sea bridge between Russia and Crimea is the anchor between the two countries. A few months ago, Ukraine attacked this bridge the day after Putin’s birthday. They said it was a gift for the President. Even back then, Putin was very angry, and in response, he attacked Ukraine in a big way. Again, the Russian President has lost his mind.

Putin promised that Russia’s forces would do something about Ukraine. Also, Ukraine’s air force has warned that Russia could attack Odessa and other southern towns with drones at night. Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said he hoped two-way traffic would be back by the middle of September. He did this by posting a video of cars crossing the bridge at night.

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