How to become best WordPress managed hosting site

Best WordPress managed hosting site Managed WordPress hosting is created especially to handle all the technical aspects of your websites, including automatic updates, automated backups, and website migrations, so you can worry less about the technical aspects and get back to what you love. so that you can expand your company without worrying excessively.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting?

In essence, managed WordPress hosting frees you up to concentrate on your business while it takes care of the majority of your site’s technical requirements.

best WordPress managed hosting site

There are numerous advantages to managed WordPress hosting, including:

controlled security

To safeguard your website, almost every managed WordPress hosting service offers managed, impenetrable security solutions. We switched BloggersPassion from HostGator to WPX hosting mostly for security reasons.

It even restores your website if it is unintentionally assaulted by hackers. WPX hosting provides rock-solid security features including free SSL certificates, malware protection, and a totally hack-proof hosting environment. These security features are not included in shared hosting options.

Updates to Managed Software

Software updates, including those for plugins, themes, and WordPress, are carried out automatically if you use WordPress hosting. Therefore, you are not need to perform all the updates manually.

When your website is updated with the newest themes, plugins, etc., you will save a ton of time by doing this and also benefit from improved security.

best WordPress managed hosting site

swift team of experts in customer support

Additionally, they offer lightning-quick customer service through a ticketing system, live chat, phone calls, etc. When you require assistance with managing your sites or transferring your files, they offer you the greatest experience and support.

Additionally, they make sure that only professionals with experience managing WordPress websites are hired because this gives them the advantage of being able to handle any problem with ease.

So when should you choose managed WordPress hosting?

You should invest in dependable managed hosting if you’re serious about earning money from blogging and don’t want to handle the technical aspects yourself. You unquestionably need it to handle your site traffic when it increases.

Consider using or switching to a WordPress hosting environment if your website starts generating a lot of revenue. Investing in a reputable, quick, and dependable hosting service is always worthwhile in the long term.

What to Take Into Account When Selecting Managed WordPress Hosting?

What factors should you take into account when selecting a managed WordPress host to power your website?

best WordPress managed hosting site

monthly website visitors

Due of its price, shared hosting plans are frequently chosen by beginner bloggers. However, as your website traffic increases, they are unable to handle it all, which frequently causes poor loading times or recurrent shutdown problems.

For this reason, you should go for this hosting, where you should pick a package that can accommodate more than your typical monthly site traffic.

Your dependence on the customer service staff

Many webmasters are clueless when it comes to technological issues like email management, blog migration, or backing up data. If you fall into this category, the hosting company you choose will unquestionably need to provide you with expert-level support.

Room for storage

Make sure you have enough extra storage space to hold all of your database files, photos, blog posts, comments, and other content. Lack of storage space can cause your blog to load slowly, which eventually hurts your revenue.


A premium managed WordPress hosting alternative made especially for WordPress sites is called Flywheel. Yes, it is one of the outstanding hosting companies that solely hosts WordPress sites in order to offer its customers amazing functionality.

best WordPress managed hosting site

Over 70,000 users utilize Flywheel to host their WordPress websites globally. Excellent features available include nightly backups, staging areas, really fast servers, etc.

peculiarities of flywheels

All the features that come with Flywheel are listed here.

  • Free SSL encryption with lightning-fast speed hacker-free security nightly backup
  • Redesigned global availability staging area for SFTP
  • Cloning websites and free demo sites

The only WordPress sites hosted by Flywheel

The main benefit of using Flywheel over rival services is that it solely hosts WordPress websites, in contrast to rivals like Bluehost, Dreamhost, and others which support a variety of platforms.

Because of this and the fact that its support staff is made up entirely of WordPress professionals, Flywheel has a cutting-edge advantage.

Free site migration, malware removal, and SSL certificate

You can get a free malware cleanup service from Flywheel if you’re worried about malware or other security issues on your websites. Additionally, they give you a free SSL certificate, and you may transfer your website to their hosting platform for free using their site migration tool.

daily backup

best WordPress managed hosting site

Flywheel provides nightly backups with one-click restoration points and entire site backups. This implies that your WordPress sites are regularly backed up, allowing you to completely free restore all of your site files whenever you need.

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Flywheel Cost:

Flywheel provides the 4 pricing tiers listed here.

  • small, newly established freelance company

Let’s discuss them.

  1. Tiny: This plan, which costs $13 per month and allows you to install only one WordPress site, is the Starter plan. 5,000 monthly visitors can be accommodated with 5GB of disk space, 20GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.
  2. Starter: For $25 a month, you may install just one WordPress site with a monthly visitor limit of 25,000, along with 10 GB of disk space, 50 GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate.

3 Freelancer: With this $96/month plan, which includes 20GB of disk space, 200GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate, you can quickly set up up to 10 WordPress sites that can accommodate 100,000 monthly visitors.

best WordPress managed hosting site
  1. Agency: With this $242 monthly plan, you can quickly set up 30 WordPress websites that can accommodate 400,000 monthly visitors. It also comes with 50 GB of disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. last thoughts

Consider managed WordPress hosting plans instead of shared hosting, which is something we strongly advise. Despite the fact that shared hosting plans are less expensive, they are less helpful, quicker, and better at managing WordPress sites (they don’t offer backups, quicker customer service, better security, etc.).

What do you think of the top managed WordPress hosts listed in this article? Among these, did you locate the appropriate person? Have you got any inquiries? Post your comments with your ideas.