Flying electric car: what will be the price and special features, know

In this world of automobiles, new technology has been invented from time to time and people have adopted it very well. A few years ago no one would have even thought of electric cars, but in today’s time it exists. Just like that, have you ever thought that you will see a flying car. Yes, in today’s time it is also possible because such a flying car has been made, which can also be possible to fly with the first flying car Alef Model A.

You must have often seen flying vehicles in some movies, but we all know that it is just a special effect of the graphic. But what if a flying car really comes. Just like an aeroplane, we are not saying this for nothing, we are talking about an electric car that can take you to the skies.

Alef Model A, which is a flying car. Explain that it has received special Airworthiness Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And the US has also given permission to make it, so today we will know about all the special features related to it.

However, as technology advances in the world, cars are also becoming more and more advanced. And we get to see the direct proof of this every year during the Auto Expo, when many such new concept cars are shown, which will come in front of you in the coming few years. The best performance in this is of EV, in which we used to see sports cars running on economical fuel, but now flying cars are also being included in it.

Alef Model A flying car gets approval

Flying electric car

America’s Aleph Aeronautics has made a significant breakthrough by obtaining legal certification for its flying automobile. Alef Company recently announced that it has been awarded a Special Airworthiness Certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration. This certification is a great achievement that now the flying car will take its first flight soon. Aviation law firm Aero Law Center has confirmed this.

First recognized fully-electric flying car

Alef company claims that this car is the first fully-electric flying car to get legal approval by the US government for road/air testing. Let us tell you that Alef will have to give a full report of any mistake during the ‘Model A’ development to the US government.

So many people can ride

Flying electric car

Alef flying car has eight propellers installed inside. Electric flying car has the capacity to seat only one or two people, because any electric car has a load on its engine to lift more than 2 people and the model of this car has just been redesigned for such a big design. So for this reason, it has only a place to sit for 2 people. However, the company’s goal is that they will soon be able to make a flying car that can seat more than 2 people, on which the company is still engaged in further research.

What will be the range of Alef flying car?

Flying electric car

The company says that the Alef Model A flying car has vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. This car has been designed in such a way that it is capable of running on both road and air. The Alef Flying Car will deliver a range of 322 km (200 mi) on the road and an average of 177 km (110 mi) in the air.

Car pre-booking

The owner of the company says that he has received a lot of pre-order requests for the flying car from customers and companies. The company has started pre-booking on its official website for a token amount of $1,500.

How much will it cost

The Alef model is a fully electric flying car which is likely to cost around $2,99,999, which in Indian currency will be around Rs 2.46 crores. Alef Aeronautics showcases ‘Model A’ flying car prototype in October 2022. But the brand has now confirmed that the flying car will be launched in 2025.

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