Why email marketing is important for blog

Why email marketing is important for blog
Published in : 04 Mar 2023

Why email marketing is important for blog

You all must have seen in his blog that it is written on him to join our free newsletter. How important it is to have a widget and what else you can do with email marketing for your website.

Feli talk, how can you bring us the widget in your blog and which plugin you can use is very important for you. I am using a plugin by MailPoet in my website, it is very good and it also makes a lot of profit in the website.

You install this plugin in your blog and then use it in the right sidebar of your blog. So it is talked about the plugin that now we come on the topic of email marketing, then why is it necessary or what is its benefit?

Advantages of Email Marketing:

Less cost

One thing that is most worrying is that it is low cost in search of another marketing company. You don't have to pay any fees here. You just need to find the right plugin or software to do email marketing. With the right software, you can send thousands of emails at once and promote your blog.

Mail target fans

You mail only to target fans and those people are the ones who have subscribed to your blog's newsletter. Whenever you mail, definitely read your mail and you can automatically send information about your new post if it is set. If you are getting a chance to purchase email ID, then according to your blog, you can use mail by taking the mail ID of the target audience and adding them to your list. Can you also get to see good results from the audience?

Can easily create

You can create this list easily, that means you do not have to do anything with it, you just have to keep in mind that you are not irritating or you should make a schedule by mailing your subscribers. Then according to the schedule you mail.

Easy to track

You can also track who has opened the mail and who has opened the link in it. I like this feature very much. If someone unsubscribes you, then you also get to know about that and you can also know through email notification.

Easy to share

If you have made any change in your blog, want to give it away or want to share anything, then you can easily share it through mail to all your subscribers in a single click.

Global marketing

This word is of great importance, you can do global marketing through it, you do not need to go anywhere, you can do marketing all over the world with just a single click while sitting at home. This is the biggest thing. India is going digital and you have come to know a little bit about this email marketing i.e. about digital marketing then what are you doing.

Get instant result

You will get to see its result in the coming 24 hours itself, that is, you will get profit in 24 hours only, then it is the fastest marketing method, I think there is no such fast result in any other marketing.

My opinion is that you have not added this to your blog yet, so do it, it has many benefits and you can do a lot with its help. If you like our information, then share it with your friends and if you have any problem then leave a comment.