Viewing WhatsApp's Delete messages is now easy, know the trick

Viewing WhatsApp's Delete messages is now easy, know the trick
Published in : 17 Feb 2023

Viewing WhatsApp's Delete messages is now easy, know the trick

WhatsApp: In today's time, almost all the smartphone users of the country and the world use the instant messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp keeps on introducing more than one feature to make this application better for its users. Some time ago WhatsApp introduced the feature of Delete for Everyone, with the help of which people can delete their sent messages from both sides. Under this feature, messages sent by mistake can be deleted from both sides within 2 days.

Can read deleted messages

Often, the person in front of you wants to know what the sender wrote in the message that he deleted. They can't read the message, which makes them feel like they missed something. If you also want to read a message that someone has deleted, you can use the tips here. This is not a real feature of WhatsApp. Instead, it is a trick that lets you read messages that have been deleted.

There are many apps to choose from.

Let us tell you that the Play Store has a lot of third-party apps that let you read messages. However, these apps can have problems like stealing your data, giving malware to your phone, or letting people get into your phone without your permission.

Follow these steps to read the message.

Explain that you can do other things besides use these third-party apps. Android 11 users can easily see their deleted WhatsApp messages. You can see the message by going to the device's settings and looking at the list of notifications. Also, it can be a simple and safe way to do things.

You can look at messages like this in your history of notifications.

  • First of all, go to the settings of your device.
  • Now click on Apps & Notifications.
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Now click on Notification History.
  • Toggle the button in front of Use notification history.
  • Now you can read deleted messages.