10 Best methods for Quickly Indexing New Websites on Google in 2023

Best methods for Quickly Indexing New Websites on Google:- Hello Friend and you’re welcome to this article. Today, we’ll talk about how to get your blog indexed quickly in Google. If your blog isn’t indexed quickly in Google, I’ll tell you everything you need to know in this article so that it will be indexed quickly.

If you have a new blog, I’ll tell you how to quickly get Google to search your blog posts.

Before you do that, tell us what benefits you will get if Google quickly indexes your blog post.

Why it’s important for Google to index blog posts quickly

If Google quickly indexes your block post, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Your website will rank quickly in Google.
  • Your website will get good traffic.
  • Your website’s blogs and articles will increase the chances of going to Google Discover.
  • Blogs of your website will become a profession blog.
  • Your blog will start getting backlinks from different places.

How to get your website’s blogs or articles fast indexed in Google?


So let’s talk about how to quickly index a blog in Google, or how to quickly index a blog post or blog in Google.

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1. Approval of Google News will have to be taken

Our Google News is the first way that comes to mind. Google News is set up in such a way that your blog post will be indexed in Google in just one minute after you send your URL for indexing. After one minute, your blog post will also be ranked in Google.

So, if you want your blog post to show up on Google in a minute, you’ll need to get it approved by Google News. After that, your blog post will show up on Google quickly. You can watch the movie to see if Google News is right for you.

You shouldn’t think that if your blog doesn’t have a lot of posts, Google News won’t like it. You also have two posts on your blog. Only then will it be easy for Google News to accept you.

2. Instant Indexing with API Key

There are now a lot of API Keys that let you quickly get your blocked post listed in Google, but it will take some time. After at least an hour or two, Google will be interested in your blocked post, and only then will it go somewhere. will rank in google

If you want to use API Keys, you can watch different kinds of movies on YouTube and use API Keys that way. If you do rank math in WordPress, you can add API Keys to your rank math.

3. Indexing by creating backlinks

Backlink is a way that your blog post will be indexed quickly in Google and also rank quickly. This is because when you have a backlink, you get support from another website that helps you move up in the rankings. If you don’t have a backlink, you should make one as soon as possible.

If you think that making backlinks won’t change anything, you’re wrong. Many small bloggers have grown into big bloggers by making backlinks, so you should do the same.

4. Indexing by bringing maximum traffic

Traffic is another method by which your blog post can be indexed quickly in Google. If your blog post receives a great deal of traffic, then Google will index it quickly and it will also rank in Google because there is a great deal of traffic on your blog post.

Therefore, you should also bring transfer from such sources so that today your blog post is swiftly indexed in Google India, and Google’s attention should be drawn to your blog.

5. Indexing by linking the Home Page to the Blog Post

It has been my experience that whenever I have linked a blog post to my homepage, my blog post is promptly indexed by Google.

If you also link your blog post to the homepage, then Google rapidly indexes your blog post.

So you also attempt once, link your blog post to your homepage, and then observe that Google quickly indexes your blog post.

6. Indexing by Internal Linking

Whenever you write a new post, link it to an older post; that is, use internal linking so that when Google crawls your old post, it rapidly reaches your new post and indexes it. Lets do it .

If you have an old post that is already indexed in Google and you link it to a new post, then your new post will be indexed rapidly in Google because your old post is supporting it.

7. Indexing via Youtube

If you have a YouTube account, you can put a link to your website or block in the description. When people click on that link and go to your blog or block post, you will get traffic and your block will rise quickly in Google rankings. This is a great way to quickly get block input from YouTube.

So, if you haven’t made it on YouTube yet, you should, because it will help you a lot.

8. Indexing through Instagram

You can do the same thing with your Instagram page that you do with your YouTube channel. You will put the link to your block on your page, and then people will click on your link or go to your blog post and you will be blocked. Will soon be indexed by Google, and it will also be colored.

9. Indexing by updating the article

You should keep updating your article every once in a while because it helps your ranking and gets you to the top of Google fast. If you’ve already written an article, don’t update it until you’ve added something like this. Which is Gandhi by someone else? Link the same block post to your new block post so that Google can quickly find and search your new blog posts.

10. Indexing by Request Indexing

After doing all of this, you need to send your block to Google Search Console again for request input. Your blog post will soon be indexed on Google.


I hope you got this right. If you still don’t understand, you can ask me in the comments.

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