10 Best Easy Ways to Earn Money from Blogging in 2023

Hello friends, if you want to earn money from blogging, then today we are going to tell you 10 easy ways of blogging by which you can earn money, if you have ever wondered how to earn money from blogging, then after today you will know about it. Don’t have to think too much about it. Because I am going to tell you 10 easy ways to earn money from blog, and then you will not need to ask anyone else about it. So let’s start – Blogging in 2023

Even though I’m telling you a lot of ways to make money, not all of them will work for you. However, once you know everything, it will be clear which ways you need to work on to make money.

10 Best Easy Ways to Earn Money from Blogging in 2023

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make more money from blogging in the market, especially if you do not get a lot of traffic, then you will also need to do affiliate marketing.

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you have to promote their products in your blog by joining the best affiliate program, after which the visitor will click on your affiliate link and buy the product and after that you will get commission from the affiliate program, then In this way you can earn money from affiliate marketing

If you are a blogger, then you must also create your account on ShareAShare which is a best affiliate marketplace and with this you can join affiliate programs like amazon, flipkart, product selling, hosting and finance.

Contextual Advertising

If you are looking for the easiest and best way to earn money from blogging, for this you have to create a blog website, then you have to write blog content and then take approval from Ads/Advertisement on your blog website, then Advertisement/Advertisement There is a right way for this. And the more people read your blog, the more money you can earn.

Google Adsense is the best advertising network because it pays the most and has the best ads. You can use it by getting Adsense approved, or you can use any one of the other advertising networks to earn money from your blog.

You need to know what is “backlink” and how it helps in ranking the website.

To rank a website, quality backlinks must be made. If someone is making a backlink for their website and they want a backlink from your website, they will call you, and then you will pay to give them a do-follow backlink.

Giving a backlink to a site that Google doesn’t like can also hurt your site’s score, so don’t give a backlink to any site that Google doesn’t like. Also, pay attention to what the sites you link to are doing.

Sell links in Post

When you write a good post with lots of information and it ranks in Google, any company or product that has something to do with that post and can benefit from it will be willing to pay you for a link. to add

For example, if you write a post about the Top 10 Software, a software business may want to add a link to its product to your post, which you can charge for.

Publish Sponsor Post

If your blog is on a specific niche, and your blog is a bit old in that field and there is good traffic on that blog, then you will also get offers for many sponsor posts, in which you can publish the post on your blog. Can take the money.

Before you publish a sponsored post, you should also make sure that it fits with the topic of your blog and doesn’t contain anything that will cause problems for your readers. Sometimes, you may even get sponsored posts that are against the law. So you should remember that you don’t have to push these posts if you want your blog to be around for a long time.

Publish Paid List

When a good website shares a list of products, services, tools, software, and websites in a list post, many people are willing to pay money to be on that list.

For example, if you add a link to the Top 10 Software website, a new software company may be willing to pay you to add itself to the list.

Keep in mind that you’ll get less money from this list post when your blog is doing well, since people will only give you money if they think they’ll get something out of it too.

Sell Ebook

You can also create an ebook related to your blog topic, which you can later sell at a good price and earn money.

If you share all of your information on your blog, but people still want to get it all in one place, you could put it all in an ebook and sell it.

To make an ebook, you only have to work hard once. After that, you can sell as many copies as you want. This is a great way to make extra money from your blog.

Show ads by short URL

This method used to be popular. People would share any URL by shortening it. If someone clicked on that URL, they would see ads for 5 seconds before the real URL opened.

You can use this service if you have a website where people can download content or if there is a link that people want to read.

Social Media networks

You can earn as much money as you want through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For example, people who have a lot of followers on Instagram can work with beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands on their pages. And you can earn a lot of money by doing paid promotion of the brand.

Youtube Channel

If you have a blog website on a particular niche, then you should also create a Youtube Channel on the same niche, from which you will earn money from Youtube, along with that you will also get support from the blog and can earn money in both ways.

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